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About "Healthier Schools: A Brighter Tomorrow"

Ohio House Bill 66 created the School Physical Fitness and Wellness Advisory Council to provide guidance to school districts in developing and implementing wellness policies and plans.

The council was charged with developing best practice guidelines regarding nutrition education and physical activity for students, researching school-based activities and school-business partnerships that promote wellness, and finding methods for schools to evaluate these efforts.

The publication “Healthier Schools: A Brighter Tomorrow,” compiled by the School Physical Fitness and Wellness Advisory Council, is a resource of evidence-based practices to jump start Ohio school wellness plans. Each chapter of the publication presents one of the 11 guidelines and includes best practice examples of implementation. All documents listed below are presented in PDF format.

A new wellness resource is Ohio's Promising Practices for Wellness and Nutrition. Promising Practices collects and presents examples of activities, projects and programs that promote the wellness guidelines in Ohio schools and childcare facilities.

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Best practice guidelines


  • Guideline 1: Schools provide an environment that offers and promotes healthy and appealing food and drink choices
  • Guideline 4: Schools maximize their participation in federal child nutrition programs
  • Guideline 6: Schools integrate nutrition education and physical activity into their everyday curriculum
  • Guideline 9: Schools provide a positive dining environment that encourages a pleasant eating experience

Physical Activity

  • Guideline 5: Schools maximize their participation in student fitness and physical activity programs
  • Guideline 10: Schools provide and promote social, noncompetitive fitness and activity opportunities

Wellness Education

  • Guideline 3: Schools collaborate with public and private entities to promote student wellness
  • Guideline 2: Parents, families and students are educated about healthy lifestyle choices
  • Guideline 7: Schools provide professional development, support and resources for staff about wellness
  • Guideline 8: School community leadership demonstrates a commitment to wellness through policies, plans and actions
  • Guideline 11: Schools use data to develop, structure and support their wellness plans



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