Verification of Gifted Minimum Spend Requirements

Am. Sub. HB 153 requires that the Ohio Department of Education to verify that districts meet the minimum spending requirements connected to gifted education. The report and instructions have been created by the Office for Exception Children (OEC) for the purpose of collecting this data for FY10, FY11, and FY12. See notification letter.

For each fiscal year in the report, districts must have spent no less than the FY09 gifted unit amount for services to students identified as gifted (noted in BRIDGE Report Line AA1). This is otherwise known as maintenance of effort or MOE. For those districts who purchased gifted services through an Educational Service Center (ESC) and the ESC received gifted unit funding, the district must have spent an amount equivalent to the funding received by the ESC for staff providing those gifted services (noted in BRIDGE Report Line AA3). For FY12, districts must have spent no less than the FY09 supplemental identification amount for gifted identification (noted in BRIDGE Report Line AA2).

All spending must be in accordance with the gifted operating standards (O.A.C. 3301-51-15). Section (C) details the requirements related to gifted identification. Sections (D) and (E) provide requirements related to gifted services and personnel. Section (D) includes requirements for services provided by general education teachers and section (E) includes requirements for services provided by qualified gifted staff.

As noted above, the instruction form provides a list of allowable expenditures for each gifted line item detailed in the Bridge report.

Each district must submit the following items to OEC:

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