About the Lau Resource Center

The Lau Resource Center at the Ohio Department of Education makes sure that students in Ohio with limited English proficiency receive the same education opportunities as their English-speaking peers.

Request for feedback for 2015-2016 waiver request
on Title III annual measurable objectives

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lau Resource Center at the Ohio Department of Education is to ensure equal access to high-quality learning experiences and standards for students with limited English proficiency in the state of Ohio. To learn more about the Lau Resource Center, click on the following links:


Resource Documents

Parent Information  


The mission of Ohio Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (Ohio TESOL), an affiliate of TESOL, is to develop the professional expertise of its members and others involved in educating those learners for whom English is a non-native language by:

  • advocating for the TESOL profession at the local, state and federal levels;
  • promoting professional development;
  • acting as a resource in the dissemination of information;
  • improving standards for high-quality instruction;
  • promoting better employment conditions;
  • encouraging opportunities for networking, interaction, leadership and research; and
    promoting respect for the language rights and culture of all people.

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