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Know! To Set Goals for the New Year


As your students consider potential objectives, we challenge you to help them come up with ways to make 2014 a more meaningful, more impactful year in the classroom and at home.

Start by having your students reflect on their classroom performance for the first half of the school year. Ask them to take note of the positives, things that they’ll want to continue to do in 2014, as well as things that did not go over so well, and will need to be improved upon. Even if a student is in good shape academically, there’s always room for improvement.

Outside of the classroom, the American Academy of Pediatrics encourages adolescents to focus personal goals on helping others through community service, taking more responsibility for their actions, taking better care of their bodies, dealing with conflict and stress in healthier, more positive ways, and resisting alcohol and other drugs.

To add a little fun to this classroom activity, guide students in creating a second list entitled, My Top Ten 2014 FUN Bucket List. While it certainly makes for a great classroom discussion, be sure to have students come up with their own unique list of “must-do” items. Remind them that it doesn’t have to be over-the-top, super time-consuming or expensive to be on the list. The idea is for them to think (realistically) about maybe some places they want to go, possibly some people they want to see and absolutely some activities they want to give a try…and then make it happen.

As you talk through your students’ individual classroom and at-home goals and Bucket List items for 2014, be sure to have them write it down, then encourage them to keep it in a highly visible spot so that they can refer back to it often (that way it won’t be forgotten when the novelty of the New Year wears off).