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Know! Alert: E-Cigarettes Aren’t Safe


GettyImages-1139113177-1.jpgTeen vaping and e-cigarette use have reached epidemic proportions. Despite claims of how “safe” they are by those selling them, they’re putting people into emergency rooms and hospitals across the nation. As of Aug. 30, one person has died and more than 200 cases of vaping-related lung illnesses have been reported although some estimates place the illness total much higher, even as high as 300. In one case, doctors medically induced a coma and hooked someone up to a ventilator.

Times like these make it difficult to keep up with the constantly changing story. Here, we’ve gathered the latest facts, taken from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration.

Here’s what we know:

Here’s what we don’t know: 

Talk to your kids about the dangers of vaping, especially in light of this terrible yet teachable moment. On the Prevention Action Alliance website, you’ll find information to talk to your child about e-cigarettes as well as links to resource centers maintained by the U.S. Surgeon General’s office, the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the CDC.

Learn more about E-Cigarettes.

It’s important to know that this has been a developing story for many weeks now. More information continues to come out about this trend, and it’s crucial that we stay informed about it. Information that we know now may prove to no longer be the case, and more facts may emerge later that change today’s expert analyses.

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