Cleveland Scholarship: Information for Providers


Participating private schools/providers must comply with the following requirements to participate in the Cleveland Scholarship Program:

  1. School/Provider must have a current state charter and be registered to participate in the Cleveland Scholarship program. Registration starts in the month of December.
  2. School principal must be  licensed by the State of Ohio, Office of Educator Licensure.
  3. Principal must have a SAFE account.
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    2. SAFE help
  4. Participating providers must renew their participation every year.
  5. School/Provider is responsible for keeping their school's OEDSR record up to date and current. OEDS-R Desk Guide

To apply for a Cleveland scholarship,  applicants must first be accepted at a participating private school.  Once the private school has accepted the student for enrollment, the private school then submits the student's scholarship application into the secure online application system through your SAFE account.

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Below are tutorials that have been developed to guide you through the new student application system.

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Transportation may be available for Cleveland Scholarship and Tutoring Program (CSTP) students through the Cleveland Municipal School District (CMSD). CMSD is solely responsible for arrangements and establishing eligibility requirements for transportation. For assistance, contact the CMSD Transportation Department at (216) 634-7021 or (216) 634-7028.

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