Scholarship Assessment Comparison Summary FAQs

Basic Information

Basic Information

    What is the goal of the Scholarship Assessment Comparison Summary?

    The Office of Quality School Choice reports test data for EdChoice and Cleveland scholarship students in private schools. 

    The goal of the Scholarship Assessment Comparison Summary project is to add additional data that allows the public to compare the performance of scholarship students in the private schools with the performance of students at the public schools where the scholarship students would have attended without the scholarship.

    In other words, the department is addressing the question, “Are our students doing better academically at the private school that they attend through Ohio’s scholarship programs?”

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    Where does the data for these summaries come from?

    The testing vendor, American Institutes for Research (AIR), provides test data for the private schools to the Ohio Department of Education. Private schools do not review and correct this data prior to its incorporation into the scholarship assessment summaries.

    Districts report public school test data through the Education Management Information System (EMIS). The Ohio School Report Card uses these same data. 

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    Which public schools serve as the comparison schools in this summary?

    Ideally, we would include data from the public schools where the scholarship students would have attended, if they were not attending the private school. At this time, the Ohio Department of Education does not have the necessary data to complete that analysis. We are identifying the most appropriate way to collect that information for future summaries.

    In the meantime, we do know which public schools the scholarship students last attended, prior to entering a private school. We are using the data from these “sending” schools to comprise the public school comparisons. 

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    Will we use all the data from the “sending” public schools in the comparison?

    No. We compare the subjects and grades tested at the private school with the “sending” public school. In some cases, the comparison cannot use all of the data from these “sending” public schools.

    For example, if the private school serves Grades 5 through 8, the department only uses Grades 5 through 8 data from the “sending” public schools. If a “sending” public school serves only Grades K through 4, the department will not include any data from that public school.

    Initial analyses indicate that we do not have public school matches in approximately half of the cases where a private school is serving scholarship students in a particular grade/subject.

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    The private school may have scholarship students from multiple public schools. Will the summaries show each individual public school’s data?

    No. The data analysis process collects the data from multiple public schools into one “comparison public school.” The summary does not identify an individual public school. 

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    Which scholarship programs are included in these summaries?

    Both Cleveland Scholarship and EdChoice Scholarship students are included in the private school proficiency percentage. However, because we do not collect information on where Cleveland Scholarship students last attended, we cannot include data on these students’ public schools in the public school comparison fields. For buildings that are only serving Cleveland Scholarship students the “Public School” column will show “no answer (NA).”

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    How do the analyses address student privacy?

    To protect student privacy, in cases where there are less than ten students in the denominator of a calculation, the value in the field will be “not calculated (NC).”

    Approximately 50 percent of the private school grade/subject combinations and approximately 10 percent of the public school grade/subject combinations are reported as not calculated.  

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    Why doesn’t my private school have a summary?

    Only private schools having students in the grade levels that require testing are included. Grades 3-8 are required to take the Ohio Achievement Assessments, and Grade 10 is required to take the Ohio Graduation Test. If a building does not serve Grades 3-8 or 10, or does not have any scholarship students in those grade levels, then tests were not required and they will not appear on the list.

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