EdChoice Scholarship: Denial Reconsideration

Private schools submit applications for students applying for the EdChoice Scholarship program. The public school district reviews the information and determines if the students meet program eligibility criteria. The district identifies information that does not meet eligibility criteria. A student’s family may receive a denial letter with this information.

If you received a scholarship denial letter and you do not agree with the decision, please do the following:

  • Download a copy of the Reconsideration Form;

  • Ask your private school for help;

  • Gather copies of documents to help overturn the denial;

  • Fill out the Reconsideration Form; and

  • Mail the form and documents to:

Ohio Department of Education
EdChoice Scholarship Program
25 S. Front Street, Mail Stop 309
Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183

Last Modified: 6/21/2019 10:02:54 AM