EdChoice Scholarship: Information for Parents


The Educational Choice (EdChoice) Scholarship Program offers students in grades K – 12 the chance to attend a private school for little or no cost. Students from lower-rated (designated) public schools qualify for these scholarships.

The EdChoice Expansion Program is an income-based program. It offers private school scholarships to students whose families have a lower income.

The EdChoice scholarship amount is $4650 for grades K – 8 and $6000 for grades 9-12.

Please click on the buttons below to see if your child qualifies for a scholarship and to look for private schools near you that accept the scholarships.

Am I Eligible for EdChoice What Schools Can I Choose? How do I Apply or Renew?

Parent Video

Parent Portal

Parents whose children have the Educational Choice (EdChoice) Scholarship Program or EdChoice Expansion Program now have online access to view their student scholarship information. The parent portal allows real-time access to information such as application and income status, monthly invoices and payments.

Please review the three resources listed below, they will assist you in the registration process.

To register for and access the scholarship system, parents need to take the following four steps:
  • Step 1: Setup a OH|ID Account
  • Step 2: Request parent access to the scholarship system
  • Step 3: Verify your child
  • Step 4: Access the scholarship record

To access the parent portal manual for these steps please click here

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