EdChoice Scholarship: What School Can I Choose?

Find a School/Provider

Once you know that your child is eligible for the EdChoice Scholarship Program, the next step is to find a participating private school and apply for enrollment.  Students must first be accepted for enrollment at the participating private school and then they can apply for the scholarship. The private school will submit the scholarship application for your child through the secure online scholarship application system.

  • Click on participating private school, also known as a "provider," to find a school in your area.
  • Follow the instructions on the Dashboard to select the EdChoice Scholarship.
  • Once you are on the Provider Search Page, select your county from the drop-down menu and then click the Search Button.
  • All of the participating private schools that are registered to participate in EdChoice should now be showing.
  • To get the phone number and address of a specific private school, click the magnifying glass icon located at the end of the record with the private school's name.

EdChoice Eligible Schools are represented by the eligible_icon_tiny.jpg icon.
EdChoice Provider/Private Schools are represented by the provider_icon_sm-2.jpg icon. 

Please click on the map_enlarge.jpg icon located at the top-right corner of the map below to enlarge and enter your address to find EdChoice Eligible and Provider/Private Schools near you.

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