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EMIS Newsflash – March 21, 2018

ODDEX Landing Page Updates


Know! Warning - JUUL at Your School

There is a new trend parents and school administrators need to be aware of, and it is called JUUL. It’s what some people are referring to as the iPhone of vaping. It is a device so discreet that it often goes unseen and teens are getting away with using it in public places.


EMIS Newsflash – March 20, 2018

FY18 Summer and Fall End of Course Assessment (A) Collection, v5


EMIS Newsflash – March 14, 2018

FY18 Final Staff/Course (L) Collection, v4


EMIS Newsflash – March 13, 2018

FY18 Final Staff/Course (L) Collection, v3
FY18 Spring DORP Assessment (A) Collection, v2
FY18 OELPA Assessment (A) Collection, v2
FY18 CTE March (D) Follow-up Appeals
New EMIS Coordinator Training
April 2018 ODE EMIS Training Sessions

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