PBIS Recognition, Visitation and Showcase

Each year the Ohio PBIS Network via the 16 Ohio State Support Teams (SST) recognizes schools for their quality and fidelity of PBIS implementation.  Schools are eligible to receive awards at the bronze, silver or gold level of distinction. Schools wishing to apply for PBIS recognition should contact their regional State Support Team.

The 108 schools receiving PBIS 2017 award recognition can be viewed with the following link. List of Award winning schools listed here.

Schools interested in applying for a 2018 PBIS Recognition Award should consult with their regional State Support Team (SST). The application and related resources for schools interested in pursuing recognition awards are listed below.   
PBIS Recognition and Implementation Guide

  • Other documents listed here 

Award Winning PBIS Visitation Sites

Some of the schools receiving the 2017 Ohio PBIS Recognition Awards have indicated a willingness to allow neighboring schools to visit their building and observe their PBIS implementation. A list of the award winning visitation sites can be viewed with the following link. | Award Winning Visitation Sites

Ohio PBIS Showcase


On November 30th and December 1st 2017 the Ohio PBIS Network sponsored the third annual Ohio PBIS Showcase Conference.  The event was held at the Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center in Mansfield, Ohio.  Day one of the conference featured presentations from 16 Ohio exemplar PBIS school programs sharing real-life wisdom and resources.  Included in day one activities were 20 poster presentations from quality PBIS schools.

A highlight of day one of the Showcase was an awards luncheon in which 108 PBIS award schools were recognized for their fidelity of PBIS implementation.  Of these schools, levels of distinction were obtained as follows: gold (7 schools), silver (15 schools) and bronze (86 schools).  For more information on the PBIS Recognition System please see the section above.

Day two of the Ohio PBIS Showcase provided an all-day training on PBIS coaching strategies.  Susan Barrett, Director of the Mid-Atlantic PBIS Network provided this training.

Interest in the Ohio PBIS Showcase was very strong and registration with a large waiting list was closed a month before the event.  We apologize to those who wished to attend but were unable due to capacity limits.

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