Contracts and Preliminary Agreements

Statute requires ODE to make available on the ODE website a copy of every approved, executed contract. Sponsors are required to send in a copy of each Preliminary Agreement and community school contract within 10 days of its signing. We are requesting that sponsors email all Preliminary Agreements, new and renewal contracts, or amendments to contracts to the Office of Community Schools (the consultant assigned to the sponsor), in an electronic format.

  • Consultants and ODE Sponsors March 2013 - under review

The Office of Community School interprets a contract to include all of the requirements specified in Ohio Revised Code Section 3314.03, including the following attachments - Education, Financial, Assessment and Accountability Plans and a list of Governing Authority members. We are also asking sponsors to include a copy of the contract checklist with any contract submission, indicating where in the contract the relevant items can be found. This will expedite OCS's review of each contract.

  • Contract checklist - under review

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