Nonpublic School Newsletter

Nonpublic School Newsletter

EdChoice Scholarship Program updates


The 2014-2015 application period for the EdChoice Scholarship Program began on Feb. 1 and runs through April 18, 2014. The second application will be July 1–September 5, 2014.

Provider registration to participate in the EdChoice Scholarship Program for the 2014-2015 began on Dec.1, 2013 and is ongoing. Provider registrations must be approved before a private school can submit student scholarship applications during the application period. So far, more than 200 private schools have been approved to participate in the program for 2014-2015, with more schools being approved daily. Schools that have not yet submitted their provider applications to participate in the program for 2014-2015 can still do so through the online scholarship system. 

Approximately 17,000 students are currently receiving EdChoice Scholarships and attending participating private schools across the state. An additional 1,000 students have been awarded an EdChoice Expansion scholarship.

Winter tuition payment was processed in early January and mailed to participating private schools. Additional payments have been made since then for those schools that were not included in the initial winter payment. Another winter payment was initiated on Feb. 21. The spring payment for the final 20 percent of the annual tuition will be processed in March.

Additional information about the EdChoice Scholarship Program is available on the EdChoice website.