Nonpublic School Newsletter

Nonpublic School Newsletter

Information for school nurses from the Ohio Department of Health


The dates for the 2014 Ohio Department of Health regional School Nurse and School Head Start Nurse conferences are as follows:

  • School Head Start nurse conferences: March 13 (Newark), April 3 (Sandusky) andApril 10 (Miamisburg)
  • School nurse conferences: March 14 (Newark), April 4 (Sandusky) and April 11 (Miamisburg)

Interested nurses must register for these conferences through OhioTRAIN at

The Ohio Department of Health also offers online continuing nursing education opportunities for nurses licensed by the Ohio Board of Nursing. All of the independent study courses are free and offer nurses continuing education credits. Nurses should register for these courses through OhioTRAIN.

Chartered nonpublic schools should pass this information on to their nurses. Please refer to the Ohio Department of Health’s website for more information on the conferences, independent study courses and other opportunities available for school nurses.