Nonpublic School Newsletter

Nonpublic School Newsletter

A Message from the Ohio Dept. of Health School Nursing Program


Who provides health services to your students?  According to the 2010 Ohio Department of Health Survey of Health Services in Ohio Schools, 78 percent of nurses employed by Ohio schools are Board-hired. Contracting with the local public health department is the second most common arrangement for arranging school nursing services at 9 percent. These numbers were the same for public and non-public schools. Additionally:

  • 39 percent of students with chronic illnesses in Ohio schools report having asthma;
  • Asthma was ranked as the chronic illness most difficult to manage in the school setting;
  • 64 percent of medications administered daily in schools are by mouth, while almost half of as-needed medications are inhaled (such as an asthma inhaler). The school employee most likely to administer prescription medications in the school setting is the secretary.

With that information in mind, it is important that non-public schools ensure that school staff who are designated to administer prescription medications are trained to do so by a licensed health professional (Ohio Revised Code 3313.713). Resources for nurses to train school staff are posted online.

Schools without a school nurse should consider working with local health departments.  Local health departments around the state work with schools in some manner. Please contact the health commissioner or director of nursing at your local health department to learn more about available services. Contact information for local health departments are posted here.

Read about the Survey of Health Services in Ohio Schools on the Ohio Department of Health website.