Nonpublic School Newsletter

Nonpublic School Newsletter

Intent to Participate in State Assessments Survey emailed to principals


As required by Ohio law, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) requires chartered nonpublic schools to inform ODE of their intent to participate in state assessment programs by August 1 each year.

The Intent to Participate in State Assessments during School Year 2013-2014 survey was emailed on Wednesday, May 8 by the Office of Assessment to the principals of chartered nonpublic schools. The survey was sent to the principal’s email address as listed in the Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS) on the ODE website. The deadline to submit the survey is August 1, 2013.

The subject line of the email is OAA & OGT Intent to Participate Action Required and was sent by Sarah Stirling.

Schools must respond to the survey whether or not they plan to participate. Any school not responding will continue to receive email reminders. 

Please make sure that you print out and keep your confirmation page at the end of the survey. Schools that notice errors on the survey or need to edit any of the survey information can do so until August 1.

Remember – students receiving an EdChoice, Cleveland or Jon Peterson Special Needs scholarship who are in grades 3-8 are required to take the Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAA) each year as part of scholarship renewal. Students of these three scholarship programs who are in the 10th grade are required to take the Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT). Failure to take all parts of the assessments will result in the student’s scholarship not being renewed for the next school year.

Please contact Sarah Stirling ( at (614) 644-7356 or Christine Kempf ( at (614) 995-0111 if you have any questions about the survey.