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Nonpublic School Newsletter

Important information regarding eligibility to use paper and pencil assessments for 2014-2015


Next year, Ohio will move to a new computer-based assessment system in math, English language arts, science and social studies. More than 600 schools around the state have administered more than 180,000 field tests of the new assessments so far this spring.

However, not every school or district will be ready for computer-based assessments when they launch statewide in the spring of 2015. In certain circumstances, the Ohio Department of Education will provide paper and pencil versions of the new assessments at no cost to schools or districts.

It is important to understand that paper and pencil assessments are intended to serve only as a short-term solution for schools that can demonstrate they currently lack the necessary technology infrastructure to administer computer-based assessments to a portion of their students during the 2015 testing windows.

To be eligible to use paper and pencil assessments, your school or district must have fully completed the Technology Readiness Tool. This tool helps districts determine their overall readiness to deliver computer-based assessments to all eligible students. Please complete the Technology Readiness Tool by Friday, June 20, so that the department can review your data. If you previously completed the tool, please review it again by June 20 it to ensure that the data is still accurate.

To confirm that your district or school has an active, completed Technology Readiness Tool account, please visit the Ohio Department of Education website here. If you do not see your district’s name on the report, your district probably does not have an active account. Any percentage less than 100 percent indicates an incomplete Technology Readiness Tool account.

If you have questions or need assistance with the Technology Readiness Tool, you can contact the State Resource Coordinator Team ( In addition, if you have not completed the Technology Readiness Tool but feel your district is ready to administer computer-based assessments next year, please send an email to that effect to the same address.

Ohio Department of Education staff will review all completed Technology Readiness Tool accounts to determine which schools may be eligible for paper and pencil assessments. The department will be in contact with you and your technology coordinator to discuss next steps after your school’s data is reviewed.

If you have questions, please contact Kirk Ross of the State Resource Coordinator Team at (614) 995-4144.