Nonpublic School Newsletter

Nonpublic School Newsletter

School calendar changes could affect transportation


Nonpublic schools wishing to change their schedules for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year and wish to have the resident districts provide transportation must notify those resident districts prior to making any such changes to their calendar. Under Ohio law effective July 1, 2014, “The governing authority of a chartered nonpublic school shall consult with each school district board of education that transports students to the charted nonpublic school under section 3327.01 of the Revised Code prior to making any change in the hours or days in which the nonpublic school is open for instruction.”

This is the time of year when transportation routing begins for the public school districts. Changes in ridership, bus stop locations and times can affect the final routes students are provided. In some cases, the changing of class schedules and bell times can mean the difference of having a longer route to and from school or not even receiving transportation service due to ridership counts or changes in student’s eligibility status.

Nonpublic schools should communicate with the public school districts as soon as possible regarding any proposed changes to schedules. Please contact the Office of Pupil Transportation at 877-644-6338 or if you have any questions.