Nonpublic School Newsletter

Nonpublic School Newsletter

A message for school nurses from the Ohio Department of Health


As we start a new school year, it is a wonderful time to review some resources and requirements related to health services for students. Some of these requirements—with resources to help you meet them—are found here:

  • Medication administration: Since 2011, ORC 3313.713 has required all chartered nonpublic schools to provide training to any school staff designated to administer prescription medications. The training must be conducted by a health professional and be acceptable to your school’s board. To help you meet that requirement, the Ohio Department of Health School Nursing program has an online train-the-trainer program to prepare licensed health professionals, such as your school’s nurse to train other school staff to administer medications safely. Information about this training is available here.
  • Immunization compliance: Students who have not provided documentation to the school showing they have received all of the required vaccinations by the 15th school day of the year cannot attend school until they do so. Details about the requirements are available here. Families having trouble finding immunization records may be able to locate them in ImpactSIIS, Ohio’s statewide immunization registry. School nurses licensed by the Ohio Board of Nursing have access to the registry. Many students that would otherwise be excluded from attending school can be kept in the classroom by using this system. Information about accessing ImpactSIIS is available here. System training for school nurses is available here.
  • Vision and hearing screenings: Screenings must be completed in an appropriate period of time for specific grades. Information about how to conduct the screenings, how to report data about the screenings to the Ohio Department of Health, how to be trained to conduct screenings and other items related to this may be found here.
  • Nursing orientation: The Ohio Department of Health School Nursing program provides an annual Orientation for Nurses New to Ohio Schools each fall in central Ohio. This year, the conference is in Reynoldsburg Sept. 11-13. The training targets nurses who have worked in the school setting for two years or less. More information about the training is available here.
  • Monthly webcasts: If you work with your local health department for school health services, the Ohio Department of Health has an ongoing series of monthly webcasts specifically for public health nurses working in the school setting. Information about Public Health Nurses: Successful Partnerships with Ohio Schools may be found here.
  • Human trafficking protocol: Nurses and others working in the school setting have access to a new protocol to be used to prevent and identify human trafficking among your students. This first-in-the-nation protocol was developed in Ohio and introduced at a statewide conference in June and may be found here. A self-study option for the training will be posted later in the school year.
  • Return-to-play law: Ohio’s concussion return-to-play law went into effect in April. For more information about this law, please visit here.

While this is certainly not an exhaustive list of requirements that need your attention this fall, we hope you find the list of resources helpful. If you have questions about school health, please feel free to contact the Ohio Department of Health School Nursing Program at 614-466-1930.