Nonpublic School Newsletter

Nonpublic School Newsletter

Resident Educator Summative Assessment Year 3 begins Sept. 1


The Ohio Resident Educator program is a four-year induction program that provides ongoing support to Ohio’s new teachers throughout their residency. Click here for more information.

During year 3 of the program, residents can take one of two paths. Most will begin the Resident Educator Summative Assessment, however, some may continue to deepen their understanding of teaching and learning in preparation to take the Resident Educator Summative Assessment in year 4. Click here to learn more about the options for year 3 of the program.

Because the Resident Educator Summative Assessment launch is concurrent with the start of the school year, candidates for this assessment can begin preparing right away by learning about best practices in assessing student learning, instructional planning, self-assessment, observation and goal-setting.