STEM Committee

The STEM Committee of the department of education is established in Ohio law (Ohio Revised Code 3326.02), and consists of the following members:

  • the superintendent of public instruction
  • the chancellor of the department of higher education
  • the director of development
  • four members of the public, two of whom are appointed by the governor, one of whom is appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives, and one of whom is appointed by the president of the senate.  Members of the public are appointed based on their expertise in business or in STEM fields.

The committee authorizes the designation of STEM schools based on proposals submitted to the committee.

STEM Committee Roster

Type of Appointment


Superintendent of Public Instruction Paolo DeMaria
Chancellor of the Department of Higher Education (Designee)  Krista Maxson
Director of Development (Designee) Jonathan Gormley
Andrew Pusateri 
Appointed by the President of the Ohio Senate Dr. Tom Schwieterman – Chair
Appointed by the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives Jeff Polesovsky
Appointed by the Governor Ellen Marrison
Appointed by the Governor Stephen White Esq.


Minutes of Recent Meetings

Minutes are posted upon approval at the following meeting.

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