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Achieve Career Preparatory Academy 3D computer lab: first of its kind

Black lights, 3D glasses, images soaring towards you… sounds like a night at the movies? Well, this is actually describing the newest technology at Achieve Career Preparatory Academy (ACPA) of Toledo, OH.

The ACPA new state of the art 3D learning lab allows teachers and students to experience education in a new and exciting way. Black lights, vibrant murals, and glowing keyboards all contribute to a new and unique learning environment. School Leader Kerry Keese discovered the technology in the United Kingdom and India and brought it back to ACPA with Title I funding.

A 3D projector with software provides multiple tutorials, videos, and graphics teachers can use to engage students in the classroom. Students become re-energized when they see the new 3D computer lab and what it can do. Science and Math concepts become more exciting when students are able to see a virus travels through the body or how a cylinder can be measured and broken down, which can all be done with the 3D projector and software. Graphics leap from the screen into the middle of the room to bring concepts to reality for discussion.

Teachers can also use the learning lab to show 3D videos and clips that available through other sources. The staff also uses the lab for after school activities. One idea is to create a movie night, complete with chairs as comfortable as in a theater and great picture quality.

Thanks to the collaboration of Race to the Top schools, classroom learning innovations like the Achieve Career Preparatory Academy 3D computer lab are being shared across Ohio.