Forms and Program Information for Traditional Public Schools

This page contains miscellaneous guidelines, forms, training courses and data tools to assist traditional public school administrators (predominately treasurers) with the performance of their daily duties and with finance-related reporting.

Administrative Cost Reimbursement Program

Annual reimbursement is provided to each chartered nonpublic school for the actual mandated service administrative and clerical costs incurred during the preceding school year.

Auxiliary Services

The Auxiliary Services Program is authorized under 3317.06 and 3317.024 of the Ohio Revised Code. Payments are made on a per pupil basis to the public school district where the non-public school is located. The public school district, upon requests from the non-public school, provides 1) textbooks, 2) diagnostic, therapeutic, and remedial personnel services, and 3) educational equipment to the non-public school students.

Calamity Day Waiver

Calamity Days - Makeup Plans

Catastrophic Aid

Catastrophic Aid is a supplemental payment to districts, joint vocational schools, and community schools for special educational students in categories two through six. This reimbursement is available to the financially responsible district for any child in category two, three, four or five whose educational and related expenses exceed $27,375, and any child in category six whose expenses exceed $32,850.

Update: A new web-based system is available for school dsitricts to submit applications for FY13 Catastrophic Cost reimbursement.  All applications must be submitted through this web-based tool.  The Catastrohpic Cost User Manual is below.  Schools may also contact their Area Coordinator for assistance.

Count Week Waiver

Excess Costs

The cost to educate a child that exceeds what the district received from State funds (foundation) and tuition collected (SF-14H). The district is able to request the difference (excess cost) on form SF-6.  a SF-6 forms for services provided during the 2012-13 school year need to be submitted to the Area Coordinators Office by January 15, 2014.

Mobile Units Funds

Funds are available for the repair and/or relocation or replacement of Auxiliary Service mobile units upon demonstration of need and approval from the Department of Education.

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment allows a student to attend school tuition free in a district other than the district where his or her parents reside. State dollars follow the student as directed by the EMIS data submitted during the first week of October.


Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program  A program established to permit high school students in grades nine through twelve to earn college and high school graduation credit through the successful completion of college courses. Please refer ot the Post Secondary Enrollment Option Program page for additional details and the Forms and Program Information page for additional documentation.


Tution is an amount of money paid to a school district to offset the district’s cost of educating a student who is a legal resident of another school district. Tuition substitutes for the local tax dollars received by a school district to educate students who reside in that district.  The tuition amount for each school district is set annually by the Ohio Department of Education and is paid by the parents or the school district where the parents reside.


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