Dustin Weaver is 2017 Ohio Teacher of the Year

Dustin WeaverWhen Dustin Weaver teaches English classes at Chillicothe High School, everyone listens, including students, administrators, fellow teachers and aspiring teachers from college education classes. His passion for making teaching engaging and effective, and his dedication to students are two of many reasons why Weaver received the title Ohio Teacher of the Year on Sept. 22 at his alma mater.

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“Dustin Weaver exemplifies excellence in teaching,” said Paolo DeMaria, state superintendent of public instruction. “He shines the light on the outstanding work our teachers do every day in the classroom and in the community to make a difference in their students’ lives. He deserves our thanks and recognition and so does Chillicothe City Schools for creating conditions in which teachers can succeed.”
Chillicothe High School requires all new teachers to observe Weaver in conducting new, school-wide teaching approaches that Principal Jeff Fisher, 2015 Ohio Principal of the Year, introduced to better engage students and improve learning. Dedicated to continually improving, Weaver has invited the entire school staff to critique his videotaped lessons as they all work together to hone their teaching skills.
Previously at Logan Elm High School in Circleville for six years, Weaver returned to his hometown high school four years ago. Through his service on the district and school leadership teams, he focuses on improving attendance, reducing discipline incidents and addressing issues facing students who come from low-income homes.
This work led to Weaver coordinating the Chillicothe Cadets grant program that is targeted to students who are at risk of dropping out of school. He focuses on developing students’ self-esteem and professional skills as they make connections for future jobs.

Because he wants to make sure all students learn, Weaver created a lab course for those who need extra help and an online class for those who need flexibility. He also helps prepare college-bound students for college entrance exams.
Jon C. Saxton, the Chillicothe City Schools superintendent who nominated Weaver for the award, said, “Dustin Weaver combines great talent, personality, leadership and concern for students with high energy and a tireless work ethic. In fact, he has set off the burglar alarm in the wee hours while coming in to work late!”
Weaver serves as the high school’s English department coordinator, activity director, attendance counselor, freshman class advisor and as a mentor for beginning teachers in Ohio’s Resident Educator program. He also is partnering with Ohio University-Chillicothe to improve teacher preparation programs.
Weaver completed a master’s degree in educational leadership from Ohio University. At The Ohio State University, he earned a master’s degree in secondary English education, as well as bachelor’s degrees in English education and psychology. 

In the first round of the competition this summer, Weaver received the Teacher of the Year award for State Board District 10. He will represent Ohio in the national 2017 Teacher of the Year competition sponsored by the Council of Chief State School Officers. 



Video about Dustin Weaver - Produced by Hunter Coffland, a senior at Chillicothe High School.
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