Ohio IIS – Instructional Improvement System

Thinkgate, LLC. has been selected to provide an instructional improvement system (IIS) for schools in Ohio and Massachusetts. Both states’ education agencies agreed to create powerful online learning platforms as part of their federal Race to the Top grants and teamed up to conduct a competitive procurement.

The IIS will enable teachers to accelerate and personalize the education experience by providing the following features:

  • Online access to curriculum and standards
  • Curriculum customization
  • Easy to use paper, online and clicker test administration options that teachers can use to determine what progress students have made and what help they need
  • Data analysis and reporting capabilities
  • A portfolio of every students’ work

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Thinkgate was selected through a competitive bid process and an innovative procurement partnership between the Ohio and Massachusetts education agencies. By pooling purchasing, the states received better prices. Ohio’s split of the development cost is only $138,367. An additional $1.7 million is being spent to implement the IIS in Ohio which includes connecting the IIS to other resources in Ohio.

Under the contract, the Thinkgate IIS will be available to all Race to the Top (RttT) schools funded by ODE using the RttT grant for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 school years. All schools could then pay a per-student price that will be based upon how many districts ultimately adopt the system. Estimates indicate that the cost will be between $2.75 and $5 per student. Use of the Thinkgate system is voluntary.

As part of Ohio’s system, the Ohio Department of Education will collaborate with the Ohio Board of Regents (OBR) to incorporate iLearnOhio.org, a one-stop home for high quality K-12 content that is aligned with the state’s new learning standards. iLearnOhio is the product of a collaboration of the Ohio Resource Center, The Ohio State University College of Education and Human Ecology, and OBR.

Integrating iLearnOhio.org into the new system will assist schools in selecting:

  • Full-year courses, such as Advanced Placement courses for students who are ahead (state tuition waivers offered) or credit recovery courses for students who must repeat a course.
  • Online college courses for students still working on a high school or home school diploma.
  • Learning objects to assess a student's learning level to match him/her to appropriate level resources.
  • Webinars and other extra help for students needing remedial assistance.
  • Reduced costs for fee-based resources thanks to efficiency in state bulk purchasing.

The new IIS is still being developed and tested but will be available to RttT school districts beginning next school year.

Pilot 1 Schools

  • Bellefontaine City
  • Hamilton City
  • Madison-Plains Local
  • Mississinawa Valley Local
  • Morgan Local
  • Oregon City
  • South Euclid-Lyndhurst City
  • Toledo City
  • Union-Scioto Local
  • Youngstown Community School

Ohio IIS Resources

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)


Ohio IIS Webinars

Ohio IIS – Executive Overview

Suggested Audience: All, geared toward administrators and decision makers


  • Welcome to the new IIS
  • Introduction of the ODE/Thinkgate Partnership
  • IIS Demonstration – Executive Overview
  • Rollout Timeline

Watch the recorded webinar | Watch on YouTube

Ohio IIS – Assessments and Reporting

Suggested Audience: All, geared toward functional users


  • Demonstrate the process of creating and administering assessments
  • Demonstrate the functionality of the IIS Reporting Engine

Watch the recorded webinar | Watch on YouTube

Ohio IIS – Curriculum, Instruction and Resources

Suggested Audience: All, geared toward functional users


  • Demonstrate the Curriculum and Instruction tools and integration with learning resources

Watch the recorded webinar | Watch on YouTube

Gap Analysis Tool

This GAP Analysis spreadsheet provides LEAs with the opportunity to assess how their existing tools compare against the functionality provided through the State's Instructional Improvement System (IIS) provided by Thinkgate, LLC.

  • Click here to download the Gap Analysis Tool

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