Application Areas and Related Programs

Application Area A: State Success Factors

Ohio will assure the necessary capacity to implement, scale up, and sustain meaningful reform across participating Local Education Agencies (LEAs).

Application Area B: Standards and Assessments

By 2014, 100% of Ohio’s classrooms will implement a more rigorous college- and-career ready curriculum that, together with aligned assessments and teacher supports, will form the foundation of a comprehensive system to empower Ohio’s students to succeed globally in the 21st century.

Application Area C: Data Systems to Support Instruction

By 2014, value added and formative assessment data will be used by over 38,000 4th-8th grade math and reading teachers.

Application Area D: Great Teachers and Leaders

By 2014, 95% of teachers in high-poverty, high-minority schools will be rated effectively or highly effective.

Application Area E: Turning Around Ohio’s Lowest-Achieving Schools

By 2014, Ohio will implement school intervention models in 79 persistently low-achieving schools serving 35,000 students.


By 2014, Ohio will double the number of students pursuing STEM academic majors in college and quadruple the number of students from underrepresented populations.

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