Application Area C: Data Systems to Support Instruction

By 2014, value added and formative assessment data will be used by over 38,000 4th-8th grade math and reading teachers.


Key Projects 

Improve Access to Student Data (C2)

Expand Value-Added Statewide (C2)

  • Develop ODE Enhanced Student-Teacher Linkage System – Toni Marshall
  • Expand existing value added linkage services – Toni Marshall
  • Collect and report value added data – Toni Marshall
  • Develop and deliver effective and consistent professional development – Toni Marshall

Personalize Learning through Formative Instruction (C3) 

Develop a State Standard Instructional Improvement System (State IIS) – Marsha Ward

  • Develop and make available formative instruction professional development
  • Support ITCs, districts, charter schools in rolling out the State IIS and associated professional development



Activities to Support Key Projects

Data Tools - The existing data tools the state provides, including the Ohio Success website and D3A2, will be analyzed to determine where redundant functionality exists. Consolidation will follow, where applicable, to reduce confusion and improve user experience.

Formative Instructional Practices (FIP) Formative Instructional Practices Specialists (FIP Specialists) will work with local education agencies (LEAs) to increase awareness of formative instructional practices and build capacity regionally. The FIP Specialists will help LEAs use formative instructional practices online learning modules for high-quality professional development.

Ohio Instructional Improvement System (IIS) - The various data tools and system functionality along with access to the SLDS will be for access through web portals. Major components of an IIS include:

  • Online access to electronic curriculum, resources and tools aligned to the revised standards
  • Curriculum customization for differentiated instruction
  • Online formative assessments
  • Data-analysis capabilities including early-warning indicators for teachers, administrators, parents, and students

SSID - Ohio will expand upon the existing Statewide Student Identifier (SSID) system to include higher-education students, enabling Ohio’s SLDS to meet all America COMPETES Act elements and meaningfully increase the breadth of data available though the system. This work will provide tremendous benefits to primary and secondary education as well as higher education. Analyses will be performed that identify course-taking patterns that support college readiness. Higher education will be better able to identify criteria that lead to college success – thereby allowing more effective outreach and enrollment strategies to reach more students. These strategies will contribute to Ohio's goal to increase higher education enrollment by 230,000 by 2017.

Teacher Student Data Link (TSDL) - Develop ODE Enhanced Teacher-Student Linkage System to be used for tracking student-teacher linkages.

Web Portals - To increase the usability of Ohio’s available data tools, the State will simplify data access by developing a series of web portals, with single sign-on capabilities, designed for specific constituent groups.

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