High School-Higher Education Alignment Initiative

The Ohio Department of Education, in collaboration with the Ohio Board of Regents (OBR), developed the High School-Higher Education Alignment Initiative through Race to the Top. In February of 2012, fourteen partnerships (or consortia) of high school, higher education, career-technical and supporting institutions were awarded grants to advance the work of the project goals:

  • Align curriculum in English language arts and mathematics to positively impact postsecondary remediation rates;
  • Align teacher preparation programs to meet Ohio's new rigorous content standards; and
  • Provide on-going data exchange between high schools and higher education institutions to promote greater student mobility and college success.

While the awarded consortia work to align college-ready expectations between high school and higher education partners, the Ohio Department of Education will garner a set of best-practices and models of reform that may be replicated throughout the state. In tandem with the consortia work, ODE will provide support to other efforts of high school and higher education alignment by creating opportunities for regional collaboration. Lastly, the state will provide tools and resources which will be made available to the public to serve the following purposes:

  • Serve as a reference point for high school teachers and higher education faculty;
  • Communicate the deeper knowledge and cognitive skills sets required of college coursework;
  • Provide insight into current practice of the content and rigor of what is typically taught in a first year, non-remedial college course; and
  • Reinforce consistency and continuity at the college level.

Through these efforts it is hoped the state will begin to experience a systemic reduction in remediation rates among first-year college students who attend Ohio two- and four-year institutions.
If you have any further questions, please direct them to HSHEalignment@education.ohio.gov.


Fourteen Awarded Consortia

Race to the Top Region Grant Recipients
Central Ohio
  1. The Central Ohio High School and Higher Education Alignment Consortium representing the greater Columbus area.
  2. The Mid-Ohio High School Higher Education Curriculum Alignment Project representing Ashland, Crawford, Richland and Morrow counties.
Northwest Ohio
  1. Apollo-Four County Consortium for High School and Higher Education Alignment
  2. EHOVE-Penta Consortium for High School and Higher Education Alignment
  3. The Enhancing College and Career Readiness through Convergence, Collaboration and Connection Consortium representing the Bellefontaine area.*
Southwest Ohio
  1. Poised for Success Consortium representing the greater Dayton community.
  2. Building Bridges for Career and College Readiness Consortium representing the greater Cincinnati area.
Southeast Ohio
  1. Collaborating on Economic Success in Appalachia Consortium representing the ten counties of Ohio's Economic Development Region 7.
  2. Reaching for Success Using High School-Higher Education Alignment as a Convergence Strategy Consortium representing Stark county.
  3. Preparing Today's Student for Success Tomorrow Consortium representing Columbiana County.*
Northeast Ohio
  1. The K-12 Partnership to Align High School, College and Career Technical Education Curriculum in Math and English/Language in Northeast Ohio representing the greater Akron community.
  2. Bridging Regional Resources for High School-Higher Education Alignment Consortium representing the greater Cleveland area.
  3. The Lake & Geauga Counties High School-Higher Education Alignment Consortium.*
  4. The Eastern Ohio High School and Higher Education Alignment Consortium representing Ashtabula, Columbiana, Mahoning and Trumbull counties.*

*Indicates recipients who received a partial grant.



Gap Analysis Tools

Note: Please review the videocasts before opening the suite, particularly the Gap Analysis Tutorial. When downloading the suite of tools, a box will prompt you to save or open the zipped folder - we recommend that you save the folder to your desktop. Upon doing so, locate the zipped folder on your desktop and right click to choose an option to unzip it. This will restore the folder to its original size.

Then start by opening the Excel document "Goal 1." As you walk through this document, links are provided that access the other resources in the folder. If they become disconnected, simply open them manually in the folder. You may also find useful information relating to the gap analysis process in the May 2012 FAQ attached below.

Race to the Top Region Maps

OBR Expectations for College and Career Readiness


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