Community Partners

Ohio’s history of leadership and entrepreneurship provides a strong platform to successfully roll out the State’s RttT strategy and assist participating LEAs to successfully implement their RttT commitments.

Ohio’s Race to the Top State Reform Steering Team (SRST)

Ohio’s Race to the Top State Reform Steering Team (SRST), a team comprised of state leaders from the public and private sectors will provide guidance and oversight to ensure Ohio meets its RttT commitments.

Members include one representative from each of the following: the Governor’s Office, Ohio Board of Regents, House Education Committee, Senate Education Committee, Ohio Department of Development, Ohio Federation of Teachers, Ohio Education Association, Buckeye Association of School Administrators, Ohio School Boards Association, Ohio Association if School Business Officials, Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators, Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators, the Ohio PTA, and representatives from public and private partnerships and community schools.

Business Coalition

Ohio’s private sector partners and successful business leaders, through the Ohio Business Roundtable, Ohio Business Alliance for Higher Education and the Economy, and from an operational perspective the Business Coalition for Education System Improvement, will provide an influential source of independent leadership, engagement and support. The Coalition will initiate an executive coaching program and facilitate assistance for RttT Transformation Teams. The Coalition will be operated through in-kind and voluntary participation by Ohio’s businesses.

Center for Education Reform & Strategic Initiatives (CERSI)

As part of RttT implementation and sustainability, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) created the Center for Education Reform & Strategic Initiatives (CERSI) to pull together any program, initiative or task throughout the agency that addresses achievement gaps, urban and rural education, first generation college students and transformation with the goal to prioritize the work and ensure that it is coherently integrated into all of ODE’s work.

CERSI’s emphasis on issues related to achievement gaps allows stakeholders to recognize this as a priority of ODE and understand its deliberate effort in this critical area.

Battelle for Kids

Battelle for Kids (BFK) is partnering with the Ohio Department of Education to support Ohio's Race to the Top efforts. BFK supports participating LEAs with professional development efforts related to:

 Learn more at the Battelle for Kids Race to the Top website.

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