Program Overview


To provide guidance for sponsors’ and community schools’ implementation of their Race to the Top (RttT) grant strategies aligning with the Ohio Department of Education’s (ODE) vision of a world-class education system in which all students will graduate with a sense of purpose and be college and career ready.

The five metrics from the State Scope of Work that drives success for Ohio’s Race to the Top by the end of the grant are:

  1. Increase high school graduation rates by .5% for each of the four years of the grant.

  2. Reduce graduation rate gaps by 50% between under-represented and majority students.

  3. Reduce performance gaps by 50% of national and state-wide tests between under-represented and majority students.

  4. Reduce the performance gaps by 50% on reading and mathematics proficiency between Ohio and the best-performing states.

  5. More than double college enrollment for students age 19 and younger.

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