School Improvement Grant Waivers

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) is inviting comments on proposed waivers as part of the School Improvement Grant (SIG) application to the U.S. Department of Education.

Public comments, both supporting and nonsupporting are welcome. Comments will be attached to the application. The deadline to comment is Monday, March 18, 2013.

Period of Availability Waiver

Ohio is requesting a waiver of the requirement indicated below. The state believes that the requested waiver will increase its ability to implement the SIG program effectively in eligible schools in the state in order to improve the quality of instruction and improve the academic achievement of students in Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III schools.

Period of availability of FY 2011 carryover funds waiver

Waive section 421(b) of the General Education Provisions Act (20 U.S.C. § 1225(b)) to extend the period of availability of FY 2011 carryover school improvement funds for the SEA and all of its LEAs to September 30, 2014.

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