IMPACT – Integrated Monitoring Process and Continuous Improvement Tool

The purpose of IMPACT is to engage programs in a continuous improvement process that relates to the Early Learning Program Guidelines. The Guidelines were revised in 2009, and now include compliance requirements, as well as performance indicators. By using the IMPACT tool, leadership teams can ensure that programs are meeting compliance requirements and advancing on performance indicators. All documents must be submitted electronically by the required dates (see deadlines below):

Who is required to use IMPACT?

This tool should be used by programs that receive funding through Early Childhood Education Entitlement and/or Preschool Special Education.

Reference Tools for IMPACT

The following documents are references for participating districts or programs.

Components of IMPACT

Optional Resources to Help Complete Form C

What to Submit for IMPACT in FY2013

The following documents should be completed and submitted for SFY 2013 by May 3, 2013. You may access the forms above.

  • Cover Page
  • Continuous Improvement Goal Sheet
  • Compliance Requirement Summary Form
  • Performance Indicator Summary Form


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