Ohio School/District IPP Waivers

The Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Section 3302.07 authorizes the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to waive specific statutory provisions and rules in order to implement a proposed innovative education pilot program (IPP). By definition, “innovative education pilot program” means a practice new to the district/building (innovative) that requires a limited period of time (pilot) to implement fully and can be sustained by the district/building after the allowable waiver period has expired.

IPP waivers are frequently requested for exemption from the state minimum school hours or days (ORC 3313.48), though they can be requested for exemptions from other statutes. Requests for exemptions to the state minimum school hours or days are limited to the equivalent of four days per school year. In addition, statutes and rules related to the following cannot be waived: retirement system requirements; employment of staff; the education of children with disabilities; health and safety of students; education management information systems; administration of achievement and graduation tests; gifted education; calculation of school funding; and graduation requirements.

Waiver requests must consist of the following:
• a Completed Application form
• a Letter of Support/Resolution signed by the local school board president or treasurer,
• a Letter of Support signed by the local superintendent/building leader,
• a Letter of Support signed by the professional staff bargaining unit leader, and 
• a 1-2 Page Summary describing the proposed innovative education pilot program. 
       (Only necessary if the request is not related to a current RttT or SIG initiative.)

Waivers must be approved by ODE prior to use. Complete waiver requests must be received by ODE at least forty-five days prior to initial use and no later than December 31. Any exception to the December 31 deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Associate Superintendent of Public Instruction.

In order to expedite the review of waiver applications, please consider combining the application and the supporting documents to a single PDF attachment when submitting. See the Submission Information on the bottom of the application for further details.

Approved waivers will require submission of an annual end-of-year (EOY) report to ODE by June 30. Failure to submit such reports may result in revocation of waiver approval for future school years.

Questions may be directed to IPPWaivers@education.ohio.gov.  


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