Strategic Improvement Self-Review (SISR)

The Ohio Department of Education, Office for Exceptional Children, is required to ensure compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA). Further, Section 3323.02 O.R.C. requires the special education program of each school district to be operated in accordance with the procedures, standards, and guidelines adopted by the State Board of Education in order to receive state or federal funds for the district’s special education program.
OEC is transitioning to a Strategic Improvement Self-Review (SISR).  The outcome of the review activities should provide valuable information for school districts' results driven accountability (RDA) planning process to improve results for children with disabilities, including implementation of special education processes and services/supports for students with disabilities. OEC’s review process is designed to assist school districts in:
  • reviewing implementation of federal and state requirements;
  • setting and meeting high expectations as evidenced through improved results for students with disabilities.
The intent of the SISR process is to maximize the use of resources that will result in better academic, social and post-secondary outcomes for students with disabilities and to meet regulatory requirements. The SISR includes four phases:  
Phase 1: LEA Self-Review (facilitated by SST and OEC staff);
Phase 2: Strategic Improvement Plan Implementation;
Phase 3: Strategic Improvement Plan Review and Results; and
Phase 4: Plan for Continued Activities
Below is a list of districts conducting the Strategic Improvement Self-Review process during the 2015-2016 school year:
Below are guidelines and forms used in the SISR process:


IDEA Fiscal Review

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