Transition Planning Tool

The Individual Transition Planning Tool is designed as a resource for students, families, educators or others to use in making plans for the future of a student with a disability. Key questions prompt thinking about the elements of a comprehensive plan that can then be embedded into the student's IEP.

Planning Ahead planning backwards.

A tool for students to use to plan ahead for what life will be like as an adult after high school.

Good planning begins by creating a vision for the future – My Life is a way to collect and organize the information necessary to make important live decisions.

Students can save this tool and go back and change it – or start over – at anytime. All information entered by students is stored locally on their computer. It is important to implement a file management system to easily keep track of the student data files.

Getting Started

Download and install My Life. When a student is ready to begin gathering information, open My Life and create a new file (be sure to save the file in a convenient place).

Using the Results

To give students a copy of the information they have gathered, choose "Print" from the file menu. Information entered by the students is formatted as a report for their use. Areas not complete at the time of printing are included with space for the student to complete. Creating a new file and immediately printing it results in a blank planning form.

Installing The File

My Life is file that is downloaded and installed on your Windows computer. The MyLife setup.exe file will copy the My Life files to the Programs folder of your computer (you have the option of creating a desktop shortcut at that time).

Save your data files to your own disk.

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