Transition to Work Endorsement

Licensure Requirements

OAC 3301-24-05 (B)(17)

The Transition to Work (TTW) Endorsement* is an endorsement of a teacher license that shall be issued to an individual who:

  1. Holds a baccalaureate degree;
  2. Holds a currently valid standard Ohio intervention specialist or career-technical teaching license or certificate;
  3. Is deemed to be of good moral character; and
  4. Has successfully completed an approved program of preparation and has been recommended by the dean or head of teacher education at an approved institution.  

* Job Training Coordinators (JTC) are required to hold the TTW Endorsement.

Add TTW Endorsement to Existing Credential

The TTW Endorsement can be added to the intervention specialist or career technical license or certificate after completion of the licensure plan as determined by the university with an approved TTW Endorsement program. The candidate must submit an Add Area to a Credential Application through the Ohio Department of Education’s Connected Ohio Records for Educators system (ODE.CORE). The field code for the TTW Endorsement is 600010.

Supplemental Teaching License for TTW Endorsement

The supplemental teaching license allows educators holding a currently valid standard Ohio teaching license or certificate to teach in a supplemental area, at the request of an employing Ohio school district, while they are in the process of obtaining standard licensure for that area. The following process for obtaining a supplemental license for the TTW Endorsement applies to educators holding an intervention specialist license or a career-technical license:

  1. Enter and begin a teacher education program for the TTW Endorsement at an approved university (see list below). The university contact should review educational background/preparation and recommend a licensure plan.
  2. Submit an application for a New Supplemental License for the TTW Endorsement through ODE.CORE. The application must be signed by the local school district or educational employing agency superintendent. 
  3. Renew the supplemental license for the TTW Endorsement no more than two times.
  4. Please click here for additional information regarding Supplemental Teaching License for Endorsement Areas.

​Transition to Work Endorsement Providers

Click on the University below to learn about program specifics.

Bowling Green State University
Jeanne Novak, Ph.D., CESP
Associate Professor
Special Education
School of Intervention Services
413 Education Building, Bowling Green, Ohio 43403
Phone: (419) 372-6826   Fax: (419) 372-8265

Kent State University
Robert Cimera, Ph.D.
Ruderman Fellow on Disability and Transition Policy
Special Education, Moderate-to-Intensive Disabilities
Transition-to-Work Endorsement and Master’s Programs
405J White Hall
150 Terrace Drive, Kent, Ohio 44242
Phone: (330) 672-5796

Ohio University
Danielle Feeney, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Instruction in Special Education
Department of Teacher Education
The Gladys W. & David H. Patton College of Education
Ohio University
309V McCracken Hall
Athens, OH 45701
Phone: 740-593-0848

University of Cincinnati
Song Ju, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
School of Education
College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services (CECH)
600E Teachers College/Dyer Hall, Cincinnati, OH 45221-0049
Phone: 513-556-5693

University of Toledo
Patricia Devlin, Ed.D.
Associate Professor
Early Childhood and Special Education
Judith Herb College of Education
2801 West Bancroft Street, Toledo, Ohio  43606
Phone: (419) 530-2839      Fax: (419) 530-2700

Xavier University
Deborah A. Stroud
TTW Adjunct Lead
School of Education
College of Professional Sciences
322 Hailstones Hall
3743 Saint Francis Xavier Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45207

Leigh Anne Prugh
Clinical Faculty
Field Placement Coordinator
Special Education Programs
School of Education
College of Professional Sciences
322 Hailstones Hall
3743 Saint Francis Xavier Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45207
Phone: (513)745-3485   Fax: (513) 745-3410

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