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2016-2017 Special Education Profiles


Every year, each school district receives a Special Education Profile displaying the district's performance on key indicators established by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The profile also informs the district of any required activities based on these indicators. Districts must complete all required activities to demonstrate compliance with IDEA.
The design of the Special Education Profile helps districts facilitate continuous improvement in their special education programs with longitudinal data. The organization of data is around four key questions that assess kindergarten readiness, achievement levels, preparedness for life beyond high school and services for children with disabilities.
The Department will send districts their profiles this month, with notifications emailed to superintendents, special education contacts and community school sponsors. The email message will be encrypted to protect the security of each district’s login credentials. These instructions illustrate the steps to access the notification email.
For questions, please contact the Department’s Office for Exceptional Children