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Ohio’s Results-Driven Determination: Needs Assistance


The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs issued state determinations on Wednesday, June 25. Ohio is one of 36 states receiving a determination of “Needs Assistance.” For the first time, the Office of Special Education Programs made what is called results-driven determinations, using both compliance and achievement results for students with disabilities. This represents a major shift in focus. Previous determinations were driven only by meeting procedural requirements. Beginning this year, determinations include a focus on improving achievement and functional outcome for students with disabilities. For more information about the process used to make the determination and to view maps of states’ performances, go to:

Being one of 36 states with a “Needs Assistance” determination is not where we want to be on behalf of the students we educate. Through focused initiatives and school improvement work, Ohio continues working to narrow achievement gaps. Data show many areas of improved performance of students with disabilities over the past several years.

Your focus and assistance are needed. Our goal is clear. To honor the intent of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act, our commitment as educators must be to achieve meaningful, measurable improvement in learning and functional outcomes for students with disabilities.

2014 State Results-Driven Determinations

# of States

Meets Requirements


Needs Assistance


Needs Intervention