Ohio Department of Education Topic News

Revisions in Procedures and Guidance for Ohio’s Educational Agencies Serving Children with Disabilities


Revisions appear in blue font in the following sections of the Guidance Document:

First Page of Document

Updated Chart

  • When to Provide Prior Written Notice, Informed Consent, and Procedural Safeguards – chart and explanations revised.

New Charts

  • Residence and Custody of Children with Disabilities: Determining Financial Responsibility for Educating Children with Disabilities
  • Ohio ETR Process

Introduction – 1.3 LRE

Added a new section – Defining “regular education class” and “general education curriculum.”

Child Find – 3.2 Responsibilities in Locating Children with Disabilities

Referral procedural steps – Added clarification regarding the calculation of the 60-day timeline for an initial evaluation. “Leap year will affect the 60-day timeline calculation. It is important to count the actual days, especially if one of the 60 days is February 29.”

Procedural Safeguards – 5.1

Prior Written Notice Prior Notice by School District – When to Provide Prior Written Notice, Informed Consent, and Procedural Safeguards (Whose IDEA Is This?) revised.

Procedural Safeguards – 5.4

Parental Consent for Services and Change of Placement Added a new section – Change of Placement.

Revocation of Consent – Clarified that Whose IDEA Is This? does not need to be provided when a parent revokes consent.

Procedural Safeguards – 5.8 Independent Educational Evaluation

General, School district criteria, Parent right to evaluation at public expense, Parent initiated evaluations – Added clarification regarding several statements.

Evaluation – 6.3 Evaluation Team

Guidance – Added information regarding evaluation team members for an initial evaluation and for a reevaluation.

Evaluation – 6.5 Reevaluation

Parents and district agree that a reevaluation is unnecessary – Clarified use of Prior Written Notice – “ If the parents and the district agree that a reevaluation is unnecessary, this decision should be documented in writing. The district may, but is not required to, provide the Prior Written Notice PR-01 form.”

IEP – 7.1 General

General and children in other districts or agencies – Added information regarding a child who is open enrolled. Added statement regarding calculation of timelines for reevaluations. “Leap year does not affect the calculation of these dates. Leap year only affects the 60-day timeline between consent and the evaluation team report.

IEP – 7.4 Developing the IEP

Added new section – Amending the IEP.


Added definition for “Regular education class.”