Ohio Department of Education Topic News

State Personnel Development Grant


It is with great enthusiasm that the Office for Exceptional Children (OEC) announces that Ohio has been awarded the State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) for 2012 through 2017. The newly awarded grant will enable OEC to continue with the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) as developed in the current SPDG and enhance the development and expansion of the teacher-based team (TBT) component building stronger TBT thus impacting the instructional level and results for all learners. We are also excited about the parent-professional partnership component of the SPDG project that will focus on developing shared understanding and respect and meaningfully involving and learning from parents in the design of integrated services as part of the OIP.

The project addresses all disability conditions, K through 12th grade, and will involve partner districts in providing feedback on the expansion and refinement of statewide PD/TA that is applicable to all districts. This project will expand development of a replicable five-step teacher-based team (TBT) process in 16 districts per cohort (one district per each SST region, or four districts per quadrant of the state) for each of the initial three years of the grant. Aligned and district-wide use of the TBT five-step process will be achieved through a combination of centralized and quadrant-level face-to-face PD/TA for DLTs, BLTs, and principals; intensive follow-along process coaching with opportunities for feedback and correction; and development of TBT members as peer coaches to build the capacity of teams to continue to learn.