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What’s changing with


The Ohio Department of Education has recently redesigned its entire website, including the Special Education section.

The Process

Before the department made changes to its website, the department interviewed several teachers, administrators, parents and community members to obtain feedback.  The new website design was tested with a variety of users to see if they could navigate and find the information they were looking for. The information obtained from the outreach and testing indicated a website  design which centered on  target audiences would be most beneficial. 

While users can find main topics under the audience they most identify with, they can also find information in the improved search or under the “Topics” tab.  “Special Education,” for example is located on every audience landing page, under “Topics” and is easily searchable.

Still More Work to Do

As part of this redesign the department is working to make resources easy to access.  The department is working to bring most  of its  resources into the new web site. The is one of the web site the department is integrating to the site. ,

Presently, the Department is reorganizing the Special Education section and has most recently transferred over the Procedures and Guidance document, secondary transition information and more.

Here’s the new structure of the Special Education section.

What’s Next

In the future, the remaining Special Education resources will continue to move from to the Ohio Department of Education website.

We will also continue to make updates and improve the material, organization and resources on the Education website as it makes sense.

While the new organization might take a time to get used to, we hope the structure is easy for you to use. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact the Office for Exceptional Children.