Indicator 8 - Special Education Parent Involvement Survey

Indicator 8: Parent Involvement
To meet the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004, the Ohio Department of Education, Office for Exceptional Children (OEC) annually selects school districts for participation in a special education parent involvement survey. The survey process is designed to measure Indicator 8 of Ohio's Annual Performance Report: the percent of parents with a child receiving special education services who report that schools facilitated parent involvement as a means of improving services and results for children with disabilities. This indicator is measured using two surveys – one for parents of preschool children with disabilities and one for parents of school-age students with disabilities.

# of surveys with average scores indicating that schools facilitated parent involvement


total # of parent surveys received

The National Center for Special Education Accountability Monitoring, a federal technical assistance center formerly funded by the U.S. Department of Education, developed the preschool and school-age surveys for states to use to measure Indicator 8. The center completed extensive analyses to determine that the individual survey items, taken together, measure the concept of parental involvement.
School districts, community schools, and state-supported schools are selected for survey participation at least once every six years. The number of surveys requested from each district reflects the number of surveys needed for a representative sample across the state. OEC notifies districts of selection for the parent survey through their annual Special Education Profiles.
Public reports of district-level special education performance data, which include Indicator 8 survey results, are located here. Note that these reports reflect survey results for districts selected for participation in a given year that collected at least 10 surveys.
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Additional Surveys Can Be Printed Here:

If you need additional surveys to send to parents, please save the applicable file to your computer and print from the provided PDF files below:

Directions for Selecting Parents to Participate in the Survey Process:

It is important to the integrity of our statewide data that all districts use the same method to randomly select parents to participate in the survey:
  1. Compile an alphabetical list of all students receiving special education services in the appropriate grouping (i.e., preschool or school-aged) and number it.
  2. Go to the website to access a random number generator.
  3. Place the number of PS or SA surveys provided to your district in the first box under part 1.
  4. For the values on the next line, enter 1 and the total number of students you have receiving either preschool or school-aged special education services (from step #1). You will do this process separately for each group.
  5. Format into one column.
  6. Under part 2 press "get numbers." You will receive a list of numbers between 1 and the total number of students you entered. If any numbers are duplicated, use the button below the list labeled "again" to generate a new list. 
Below is a screen shot to help describe the process above:
  1. Identify the student(s) from your alphabetical list that correspond with the randomly generated numbers.

Further assistance with this step is provided below:




  1. Districts then send the survey and a business reply envelope (provided) folded inside of an envelope addressed to those parents selected via mail or home with the student. Please remember to write the district IRN number on each business reply envelope where indicated. You can find your district's IRN number on the front of your instruction page after the name of the district in the address block.
The survey directions instruct parents to return the survey to ODE in the business reply (postage-paid) envelope.

Help for Parents:

If parents who received the survey need help or have questions regarding its completion, please contact Ronda Hinson at


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