Webster’s dictionary defines the word inspired as causing something to happen or be created. The spirit of creativity is at the core of the $250 million Straight A Fund, launched in 2013 to spur innovation in Ohio’s classrooms. As our youngest citizens enter school each day, we need to know they are forming the knowledge and skills they’ll need to succeed in a 21st-century workplace that demands creativity and innovation. What kinds of schools can best deliver? Only those that are inspired. | See Also: Straight A Fund Annual Report

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by Knowledge

Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center students are helping five school districts save thousands in energy costs.


by Efficiency

Twenty rural Ohio school districts are installing GPS systems in their buses to see where they can merge routes and save costs.

by Partnerships

Milford & Cincinnati students are impacting the real world, applying math & science lessons to local businesses problems.

by Technology

The RAMTEC robotics engineering training program had limited reach until a Straight A grant expanded it to eight additonal school districts.


by Achievement

Technology that tracks their learning allows Beavercreek students to excel, whatever their learning styles or ability levels.


by Opportunity

The Straight A Fund is making the elusive dream of college a reality for students in 27 Appalachian Ohio high schools.


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