Governing Board

The Straight A Fund Governing Board oversees the Straight A Fund to ensure the $250 million grant program promotes sustainable, innovative, local ideas and programs to help transform and modernize our education system. 

The Governing Board consists of the superintendent of public instruction, four members appointed by the governor, two members appointed by the speaker of the House of Representatives, and two members appointed by the president of the Senate. 


Dr. Lonny J. Rivera
Interim Superintendent of Public Instruction,
Ohio Department of Education

Representative Andy Brenner
Ohio House of Representatives

Representative Kyle Koehler
Ohio House of Representatives

Senator Peggy Lehner
Ohio Senate

Alex Fischer
President and CEO of the Columbus Partnership (Governing Board Chair)

Kristina Phillips-Schwartz
Director of Education Initiatives
at the Cincinnati Business Committee

Superintendent John Scheu
Sidney City School District

James A Barnard
Director of Operations, Brewster Dairy, Inc.

Ted Adams
Vice President, Government Affairs, L Brands

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