Past Straight A Grant Awardees

Fiscal Year 2014 and 2015 Straight A Grant Awardees

With the introduction of his biennial budget proposal for FY14 and FY15, Gov. John Kasich proposed a Straight A Fund to help Ohio schools launch creative new ideas for improving education. This injection of ideas and new practices is intended to transform our state’s education system into one that meets the unique needs of every student in every classroom.

Listed below are links to the awarded grants in the first two rounds of the Straight A Fund. All applications that have been submitted to the Straight A Fund can be found here.


College and Career

Programs focused on preparing students in a 21st century learning environment


Cost Savings

Programs that 
demonstrate saving through various cost saving strategies


Early Literacy

Programs that aim to ensure that all students are on track to transition from learning to read to reading to learn


Parent Support

Programs focus on enhancing means by which parents can be involved in the education of their children


Shared Services

Programs designed to find cost and procedural efficiencies while working together across district and/or governmental lines


Special Populations

Programs that provide efficiencies to the provision of services as well as to enhance the menu of services available to improve learning


Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

Programs that focus on experience and project based learning while exposing students to STEM career pathways 





Technology for Learning

Projects that explore applications for up-to-the-minute hardware and software uses to individualize, expand and alter the path of learning 


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