Early Evidence

Early_Evidence.jpgEarly evidence shows that Straight A Fund grantees are turning inspiration into actions that are yielding better learning results, greater career and college readiness, and more efficient and effective districts and schools.

The Ohio Department of Education commissioned C H Smith & Associates in July 2014 to evaluate the FY14 Straight A Fund projects over a three-year period. The firm’s research team is charged with answering these questions:

  1. Do the FY14 projects meet the three stated funding goals of improved student achievement, reduction in cost and more dollars in the classroom?
  2. What is the impact on districts or schools of Straight A innovation grants that requires them to sustain a project by reducing or reallocating other resources?
  3. Do the funded projects appear to be replicable in other schools or districts, increasing their influence on Ohio’s education system?

At this time we have data from only the first five months of the evaluation, which is not yet conclusive. Still, the data shows promising signs. 

Progress Towards Goals

Influence of Grant on Districts

Promises and Realities of Replication

Preliminary Indications

The 24 Straight A grantees for 2014 touch more than 262,565 children in grades preK-12. More than 5,000 teachers are involved in implementing the projects. | Learn More...

Project managers talk about cultural changes brought about by using new technology, increasing collaboration or developing more individualized learning environments for students. | Learn More...

While still early in the evaluation of FY14 projects, there are signs that others in Straight A schools are interested in replicating the kinds of innovations shown in their schools’ Straight A grant projects. | Learn More...

Based on early evidence, FY14 Straight A Fund grantees are making progress on the fund’s goals of increased student achievement, cost reductions and more resources to the classroom. | Learn More...


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