Legislative Update for FY15

As a result of Sub. H.B. 342 the following changes to the Straight A Fund have been enacted.

Grant Awards Amounts

The maximum grant award amount for individual applicants or individual applicants partnering with a private entity have changed from $5 million to $1million. The maximum grant award amount for consortiums remains $15 million.


Entities eligible to serve as a lead applicant in a consortium have been expanded to include Educational Service Centers. In order for an Educational Service Center to be the lead applicant on a grant application, at least one of the educational service center’s client school districts shall also be included on the grant application as a member of the consortium.
County Boards of Developmental Disabilities, that provide special education and related services to children with disabilities, are eligible to be partners in a consortium.

Grant Goals

In the FY 14 round of applications, there were three stated goals: increased student achievement, spending reduction in the five-year forecast and utilization of a greater share of resources in the classroom.
In FY15, the goals now include, 1.) increased student achievement 2.)-a spending reduction in the five-year forecast or positive performance on other fiscal measures established by the Straight A Fund governing board 3.)utilization of a greater share of resources in the classroom, 4.)use of shared services delivery model that demonstrates increased efficiency and effectiveness, long-term sustainability and scalability.

Grant Preferences

Grants will continue to be scored on the basis of sustainability and programmatic innovation. After the grants are scored, grants that demonstrate cost savings will be given preference when determining whether to award grants from among two or more applicants of similar score, as determined by the Straight A Fund governing board. The board will award grants to applicants that demonstrate cost savings over applicants that do not demonstrate cost savings.

Grant Period

The decision period after applications are submitted has been extended from 75 to 90 days.


Last Modified: 9/29/2015 10:38:11 AM