With the introduction of the biennial budget for the 2014-2015 fiscal year, Governor Kasich proposed the creation of the Straight A Fund to support the implementation of innovative ideas and practices in Ohio’s schools.

Below are a few resources to better orientate stakeholders and potential applicants about the concepts of the Straight A Fund, how this fund is different from other grant programs, what sustainability is, and ultimately, what the desired outcomes of the fund are.   

  • View White Paper on the Straight A Fund detailing the program concept, defining innovation, discussing lessons learned from similar efforts, defining Ohio's initiative, and envisioning future state.
  • View the Logic Model, which visually depicts the resources, inputs and outputs, goals, and outcomes of the Straight A Fund.
  • View the Straight A Fund Application Process Description for a graphical depiction of how applicants move through the process and will ultimatly receive governing board and controlling board approval for grant funds.

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