Creating Caring Communities

Creating Caring Communities

State School Climate Grant school awardees

The Office of Integrated Student Supports is pleased to announce the State School Climate Grant school awardees. This grant supports 360 public and charter school buildings in the statewide implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports frameworks, evidence- and/or research-based social and emotional learning initiatives, or both. If awarded, applicants will receive further notification of award and funding in the Department’s e-grant system, the Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP).

There is an unmatched excitement for school when a student begins his or her lifelong learning journey. Student perception about school begins to form at an early age. How do we want students to view their school experience? As students continue to grow, our goal is to ensure the needs of the whole child are met. We want Ohio’s learners to see their school community as a safe environment, filled with caring educators and staff who encourage, empower, show empathy and foster a culture of trust and continuous improvement. This critical work is at the heart of Ohio’s social-emotional learning domain, a foundational element to Each Child, Our Future – the state’s Strategic Plan for Education.

Resources for Creating Caring Communities

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